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Join us as we discuss our plans for our 6th Annual Gala and Coronation 3 as well as board elections for the Fiscal Year of 2019-2020! You don't have to be a member to volunteer.


Some items in the agenda include:


Board Elections

Coronation 3 Committees: Decoration, Tickets, Sponsors, etc.

Out of Realm Events

Future Events


Please come and bring your friends!


August 25th, 2019

South Congregational Church

45 Maple St.

Springfield, MA 01105

Mission & Vision 


The Mission of the Imperial Court of Western Mass Inc.: 


We are an all-inclusive and innovative philanthropic organization that empowers, engages, and unites the community through fundraising, community events, and celebrations.


The Vision of the Imperial Court of Western Mass Inc.: 


To strengthen the understanding and pride of diverse individuals, and foster equity and equality that transcends generations.   

Sister Chapters

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